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i have a staging environment and a production environment . The production environment setting is Allow Anonymous access to the Entire Website. Two times we have observed that once after a content deployment the The Anonymous setting gets reverted back to nothing, so we need to login to the Prod site and enable anonymous again. which i dont know why its happening?

We know the reason why its happening when we create a new site in staging environment and when we do an incremental deployment this happens.

Can somebody let me know how to solve this

Thanks in Advance


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Are you using custom site definitions for the sites? – Bernd Rickenberg Aug 9 '11 at 23:15
can you explain how the content deployment is done? can you try making your staging environment to allow anonymous and do a content deployment and check whats happening? – Deepu Nair Nov 8 '11 at 3:19

We figured out this problem. This happens when you create a new site in Stage . In our onet.xml when we provision a site a default page is created (default.aspx). and we have made it as draft. So if we do not publish this page manually and do the ContentDeployment . It will lock the sites. Then we need to explicitly enable anonymous access

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Not sure about your problem specifically. Not sure how you are performing your deployment. I will say that if the SPWebApplicaiton or the SPWebService is unprovisioned and reprovisioned all custom IIS settings are lost.

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