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Is there a way to include an anchor tag in the description of a feature; my reason for this is to take the user to a page that has the configuration instructions for the feature.

Currently what is displayed when I add an anchor tag to the description is

<a href="/_layouts/somepage.aspx"> linky </a>

so the html is being encoded, is there a work around of alternative I could use?

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I just tried to inject it programmatically into the description field and it printed out encoded. There for with a OOTB field this is not possible it seems, the only way I can see is to make a new custom field if you want it to be done perfectly OR there is a javascript solution (Quick and dirty):

Add the link as a marker ie #linkstart #linkend in the description and use JQuery to replace these markers after page load with the correct tags. (Which is by far the simplest solution)

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I think it is possible, you can try it using JavaScript, something like this

<a name="#Chapter1">Chapter 1</a>

and then click event as

<a onclick="javascript:this.href='#Chapter1';" href="javascript:;">Chapter 1</a>

but you can also try another solution

Edit your publishing page and select some text. Now click “Insert/Link/From Address”. In the pop up window just type “/” for the “Address” field. Remove “/” from the URL field and add “#Chapter1” or equivalent value to “Bookmark”. Now you will be able to create an anchor to “#Chapter1”. Just select some other text in your page. Now click “Insert/Link/From Address”. In the pop up window just type “#Chapter1” for “Address”. Save and your inpage link will work.

Reference : anchor-links-tags-in-sharepoint-2010

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I did see your post but it looks geared towards pages rather than feature description per se – Rob Aug 30 '12 at 11:25
since feature description comes within XML tag, maybe this link help you :)… – Learner Aug 30 '12 at 11:28
That looked really promising, I thought it was going to work but alas no, it just writes the whole statement to the screen <![CDATA[ and everything. – Rob Aug 30 '12 at 13:49

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