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I've added a simple "Link List".
When I search, the Search Core Result webpart displays a list from all results. But the hyperlink which is generated points to the LinkItem, not to the real URL.

is this possible without using Managed Property as described here ?

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No, unfortunately, your best bet is to use xslt scripts which enable you to modify the search result display of your search query.

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Hello, and welcome to SPSE. I'm afraid signatures in answers are generally frowned upon; especially those linking to a commercial site. Please see the signatures FAQ – Stuart Pegg Sep 4 '12 at 13:06

@rfarqleet is correct. I have never done this in such a capacity but here is a good place to start: moss-2007-customize-the-search-result-using-xslt-part-3-customize-using-sharepoint-designer-2007

More info can be found by googling: "customizing search results using XSLT"

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