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I have created a State Machine Workflow and I want to add another column on the Workflow Status page.

Currently there are Assigned To, Title, Due Date, Status, Related Content and Outcome. I am trying to add another field named Remarks. How can this be accomplished? I found a link to it before but cannot recall how to add the Column field. Also, can this be done without modifying the elments.xml?

I thought it was a way to add a task list column or content type

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Can anyone shed some light on this? – nholloway4 Sep 4 '12 at 17:59

The answers I researched only provided creating a copy of the WrkStat.aspx page in the 14 HIVE which is not best practice. What I came up with was to create a LogHistoryEvent which creates a comment for each state so that I can track the user who approved a certain task

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