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I am trying to use Linq to Sharepoint for some custom reports but I am running into an issue trying to setup SPMetal.

I generated the class but for one of my lists "ListA" only ID and Title fields are being generated. It as a custom content type "ContentZ" which is a list content type and not a site content type.

Does anyone know how to get SPMetal to register my custom content type and then generate the ListA class properly?


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Did you ever come up with a solution? I have the same problem and think its not possible by design. So I have to create a content type and site columns and use the XML settings to tell SPMetal what content type to include. –  Predator Nov 6 '12 at 2:48

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You have to specify the content type directly this way because SPMetal will treat it as a normal Item type which is already implemented

My list is ProductProfile My Content types is ProductProfileCT

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