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I have a subsite (http://testportal/documentcenter). When I add Aproval - SharePoint 2010 workflow to document library where is in subsite, It works fine. But, I open subsite with SharePoint Designer 2010 and Copy & Modify to Aproval - SharePoint 2010 workflow, then I publish it. And I try add it to document library, I am typing someone's name to approvers field. When I click save button, I am getting this error message:

The form cannot be submitted because of an error. ( error

If I leave blank approvers field, I can save it. But, When I start it manually, I am getting same error again. How I can solve this problem ? Thanks

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Old post but if you not fixed yet, remove the Approvers & CC fields from Initiation Form Parameters and create new ones. Will work fine then.

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Old post and you've probably solved this but check if you have Windows Update KB2553322 installed. Uninstall it and recreate your workflow and it should be ok :)

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and what if we DO NOT have that windows update installed, then what's the answer?? – user11085 Oct 2 '12 at 14:53

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