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How can I link pages together from different libraries?

I have a wiki site with multiple libraries on Sharepoint 2010.

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The standard, simplest way of doing this is to use built-in wiki functionality:

  1. Type [[ then wait for the drop-down menu which should show other pages in the same library at the end of the menu 2 options -Lists and Views.
  2. Use keyboard Arrows and to select LISTS(very important: DO NOT USE MOUSE as the menu is quite Sensitive)
  3. Press the TAB key. This should show a list of all libraries/lists (if you have more than 8, start by typing a part of the target Library name which shall filter out only those matching).
  4. Again, once selected, ONLY VIA Arrow keys, press TAB again to see all Items from the library, which could other pages.

Once done, simply press Enter and it will automatically close with ]] while putting the actual link to the selected page. It should look something like

[[Name of page|link text]]

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