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Here's what I need...User does not have access to a site (http://myserver/sites/MySite). When user tries to access they are redirected to ugly AccessDenied.aspx.

I was researching and found that using VS I can create a custom application page that user can be redirected to. I created the app page, a feature and added an event receiver to it. No matter what I do I can't get the code execute.

If user has no permissions to site does the feature ever get activated? If not, what other choices do I have to redirect to custom access denied page?

Thanks, Ninel

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I dont think you will need Event Receiver for your purpose, please find this thread of stackexchange SP 2010 Custom Access Denied Pages

For help with command you may find this MSDN Article helpful

For details steps please go through this Customize the Access Denied Page

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Is there any way to have different custom Access Denied pages for each site? The reason I ask is becuase I would like to display contact information on each of these custom pages and the contact info is different for each site. – ninel Aug 17 '12 at 16:14

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