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I'm creating a new web application on a new SP install. I logged in ok to the central admin site with a setup account.But when i'm on the CREATE NEW WEB APPLICATION page and i get to Application Pool the default account(Configurable) it wnats me to choose is the Farm Acount. Should i be using the Farm accout or i have to register a new managed account to use. I have Application Pool accts already setup.Is that what i should be using or the farm acct? THanks in Advance

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The application pool account will be used by the code when the code is executed in "Run with elevated previlage" option. Its better to use a different managed account other than Farm administrator as through elevated previlage code, the user can get the highest access level to SharePoint.

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Thanks Manju.before i created a managed account the only acct that was listed to set a new web app was a farms account.But since i created a managed account i use it and i understand that should be the right account to use. – naijacoder Aug 20 '12 at 0:06

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