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I am having the following scenario. All day something I am testing has been working fine. but suddently I start receiving this error when I try to do the following line:

 query.RowLimit = 1;
                    SPListItemCollection itemsMeetings = listMeetingsRoot.GetItems(query);

                    if (itemsMeetings.Count == 1)

I am not going to show the full code because I think the error is related to sql server. but I dont know what to check 1. I checked tempdb it has 7mb of space. 2. I checked content database it has 60mb of data.

some errors I can see in the logs are:

Unable to execute query: Error 0x80131904
SqlError: 'Incorrect syntax near ')'.'    Source: '.Net SqlClient Data Provider' Number: 102 State: 1 Class: 15 Procedure: '' LineNumber: 1 Server:

...spaces clause or a change tracking context clause, the previous statement must be terminated with a semicolon.  Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'with'. If this statement is a common table expression, an xmlnamespaces clause or a change tracking context clause, the previous statement must be terminated with a semicolon.     at System.Data.SqlClient.SqlConnection.OnError(SqlException exception, Boolean breakConnection)     at System.Data.SqlClient.TdsParser.ThrowExceptionAndWarning(TdsParserStateObject stateObj)     at System.Data.SqlClient.TdsParser.Run(RunBehavior runBehavior, SqlCommand cmdHandler, SqlDataReader dataStream, BulkCopySimpleResultSet bulkCopyHandler, TdsParserStateObject stateObj)     at System.Data.SqlClient.SqlDataReader.ConsumeMetaData()     at System.Data.SqlClient.Sql...

there are too many sql errors in the log, so I dont know what can I check

string startDateStr = startDate.ToString("s"); #endregion

            #region Get Next meeting                  

            SPQuery query = new SPQuery();
            query.Query = string.Concat(
                    "<FieldRef Name='" + Meetings.Common.Constants.FIELDS_TEXT_TITLE_NAME + "' />",
                    "<Value Type='Text'>" + type + "</Value>",
                    "<FieldRef Name='" + Meetings.Common.Constants.FIELDS_EVENTDATE_NAME + "' />",
                    "<Value Type='DateTime' IncludeTimeValue='TRUE'>" + startDateStr + "</Value>",
            query.RowLimit = 1;
            SPListItemCollection itemsMeetings = listMeetingsRoot.GetItems(query);

            #region Get url of next meeting site
            if (itemsMeetings.Count == 1)

this is the generated query

<Where><And><BeginsWith><FieldRef Name='Title' /><Value Type='Text'>BD</Value></BeginsWith><Ge><FieldRef Name='EventDate' /><Value Type='DateTime' IncludeTimeValue='TRUE'>2012-08-15T00:00:00</Value></Ge></And></Where>
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The SQL query is malformed. What's your CAML look like? – RJ Cuthbertson Aug 13 '12 at 18:21
please see the update. – Esteban V Aug 13 '12 at 18:34
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Two things here.

First, the CAML schema uses <Geq> rather than <Ge>. See Query Schema.

Second, SharePoint dates comply to ISO 8601 standards. This requires you to include Zulu in the string (as in yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ssZ). See SharePoint 2010: Working With Dates in CAML.

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shame on me, I meant gt.. – Esteban V Aug 13 '12 at 18:57
Sometimes you just need a fresh pair of eyes. – RJ Cuthbertson Aug 13 '12 at 19:11
What would be the chances. Exactly same issue with the Ge vs Geq. My COBOL days of old have come back to haunt me. – Swanny Sep 2 '13 at 20:05

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