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I have a sharepoint 2010 portal running and we are financial institution with more then 700 users. We have recently bought NINTEX WORKFLOWS 2010 (Standard Edition) and would like to implemented to use as E-Forms for example. MIS request, Leave Request, Purchase Requisitions etc etc. Let me tell you we are using sharepoint 2010 standard edition and NO INFOPATH forms.

My scenario is.

  1. User will click on the particular (Customized) form..fill the details and submit.
  2. User's manager will approve/reject the form based on the information of user. If rejects the workflow will be terminated. but if approved it will go to the next department manager for approval or rejection.
  3. Suppose next department manager rejects it due to the wrong information provided by employee the same form should be editable by the initiating user.
  4. Once information will be correct it will be approved and workflow will be terminated succuesfuly.

Now in the light of my scenario I would like to do the following. 1. If User "Josh" logs in he can see his e-form requests with the current status and same for every user. After the rejection from his manager or other managers he would be able to edit the information and resubmit.

I never set this up before so is there anyone who can guide me what strategy should I make to come up with desired results and what are the best practices.


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