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I am trying to publish our company policy documents in a hierarchical manner such that:

  1. Each section of the policy will expand/collapse with sub-sections similar to a treeview.
  2. Each section of the policy is a seperate item that can be commented on.
  3. Each section of the policy can have Tags relative to thier topic that can be searched on.

My thought is to create a custom list with columns for document section number, section body, section tags, then somehow create a discussion board for each section.

Any thoughts on how this would be implemented?


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How about creating a discussion board with each section of the policy as a new item. It can have custom columns that you can group each policy and sort it by section number. So when you are done with it you have a multiple group by discussion board, one entry for each section.

  • Company Policy

    • IT Safety

      Require all passwords to be 10 characters

      Company computers cannot be shared

Each post can have a discussion and comments, as well as a custom column that you can filter out the sections or clauses that you have agreed upon or rejected, etc.

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