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I am having a problem with Importing a site to another site collection and getting an exception and that question can be viewed here,

Web Template Not found

I am bit confused with the concept of templates, If I am creating a Site Collection regardless of which custom template I use to create it, it should had access to all of the site templates in 12 hive (Site Collections should or can share Web templates when needed ?)

our 12 hive folder structure is something like this,



Can someone explain what these folders are used for ?

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12 is sharepoint 2007, 14 is sharepoint 2010.

These are the dependencies of sharepoint, everything it requires to run.

When you deploy a complex solution you deploy to the correct area of the solution ie: layouts or Template, the core then uses these files correctly.

Think of the folder as the definition of the use of the files contained.

I won't list them all, this has been done before, so here is a link.

I hope this helps.

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