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I'm creating a SharePoint 2010 feature in VS 2010 to add some custom site columns to a site collection via an elements.xml file.

I can't seem to find the Type attribute values for the publishing specific column types like Publishing Image. I can find the SharePoint Foundation Type values here: but not the publishing specific ones. Can anyone point me to where these are documented?

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You do need to use some extra settings for HTML fields and the like.

So, for a multi-line HTML field is uses something like: Type="HTML" RichTextMode="FullHtml" RichText="TRUE"

Here's one from an old project

  <Field Type="HTML"
     DisplayName="Field Display Name"
     Group="My Group"
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I know this is an old question but here are two popular publishing fields:

Image - user can to pick an existing photo or image Link - user can pick from a existing page

The below blog has some more but I have not used them.

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