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I can export external content type from SharePoint Designer or Central Administration. However, I want to export ect as bdcm file with powershell in order to export ect automatically.

There is an exapmle in techNet Export-SPBusinessDataCatalogModel;

  $Model = Get-SPBusinessDataCatalogMetadataObject -BdcObjectType "Model" - Name "ContosoModel"  -ServiceContext http://contoso  
  Export-SPBusinessDataCatalogModel -Identity $Model -Path "C:\folder\model.bdcm"  

File was created with this command but the file content is not similar with SP Designer export file.

How can I do that.

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I've used this in the past with success for a full catalog

$mybcsMeta = Get-SPBusinessDataCatalogMetadataObject –ServiceContext http://sp.local –BDCObjectType Catalog –Name MyModel
Export-SPBusinessDataCatalogModel –Identity $mybcsMeta –Path C:\BCS_Model.bdcm

The differences could come from the use of the parameters which have different defaults via UI(SPD or SPCA vs Powershell).

  • ModelsIncluded —Models are included in the exported XML file
  • PermissionsIncluded —The permissions to the model are included in
    the export
  • PropertiesIncluded —Specifies that BCS properties are included in the export
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If I am wrong, please correct me! Your suggestion is not a different solution from my script. I don't understand that why we set the parameters instead of using values directly. I think no difference!! – mkacar Aug 7 '12 at 11:43
You are right, thank you, while executing the command I've made a copy/paste, see updated answer please! – Marius Constantinescu - MVP Aug 7 '12 at 14:12
I am looking on exporting bdcm file with powershell or c#, I couldn't find specific example or information about that. How can I use ModelsIncluded or PropertiesIncluded? Thanks.. – mkacar Aug 8 '12 at 14:33

Try change -BdcObjectType Model to LobSystem

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While this post may answer the question, we prefer more details such as "why". Please edit your post with additional details. See answer for general guidelines. – SPDoctor Aug 7 '12 at 12:58

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