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Very Basic but confusing question.

I see we have three types of features,

  • Web Application Features
  • Site Collection Features
  • Site Features

Now I know that Web application features belong to web application and can be accessed through Central Admin, and Site Collection Features belong to a site collection.

However am bit confused with Site Features, Like I have hundred of sites/web/subwebs in a site Collection, will each site will have same "Site Features" or they can vary depending on site/webs

Why am confused ?

Because I have to export a Site to a New Site Collection, So programmatically I want to go through Each feature that is activated in Site (old exported site) to new Site Collection(Imported)

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A web scoped feature will be associated with a single website.

It is therefore possible that only a subset of websites in a site collection will have a certain web scoped feature and the others will not.

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