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I created on site and working with work flows. I created reusable work flow. Now I want to associate that workflow with shared documents library. Whe I open the shared documents library in sharepoint desginer it is showing below message. enter image description here

I closed the designer and again open it and clicked on the lists and libraries in the left pane. In the middle pane it is showing `

there are no items to show in this view.

I searched with similar type of questions in this site. But no one solve my problem. Thats why again asking it. Can any one faced this situation?


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Having the same problem, I found a way.

First, I knew a list was broken, based on symptoms reported from other posts.

I couldn't discover which list it was that was broken, so in SPD, I went to "All Files" which worked, even though many of the other Site Objects in "Navigation" didn't display anything.

I went through every list in "All Files" and used "Preview in Browser" on every one of them. Finally, I came to one that didn't open! Instead, it said,

feature d57f48.... for list template '100' is not installed in this farm...

So I deleted that list and everything began working again just fine in SPD.

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I would check two things:

  • Try refreshing the view (F5)
  • Make sure the site is loading in the browser
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Both are working perfectly... No issues with those two aspects.. – Mihir Aug 6 '12 at 3:41
Anything else? I'm having this problem, too. – bgmCoder Aug 3 '13 at 0:49

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