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I have a Method in Entity which takes 2 input filters. Now I want to set a value in this filter. How can I do that? I already got the collection of Filters using the GetFilters() method of the MethodInstance object. I found code that shows how to set other filters, but I don't know how to set input filters.

Please advise

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Thanks Guys,I got it working here is code how to do it IFilterCollection filters = mi.GetFilters(); //IParameterCollection parameters = mi.GetMethod().GetParameters(); IUserInputFilter wsIdfiler = filters[0] as IUserInputFilter; wsIdfiler[0] = 0; IUserInputFilter docIdFilter = filters1 as IUserInputFilter; docIdFilter[0] = 12345;

and here is link i get information from http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-AU/sharepoint2010programming/thread/b9042288-ba0f-47e9-a1cf-6565964d227b

Thanks Ronak

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