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I have a BCS model (SharePoint 2010) that implement incremental crawl with ChangedIdEnumerator.

My model service implements three methods (ReadItem [SpecificFinder], ReadList[Finder] and ReadChangedList[ChangedIdEnumerator]).

The ReadList[Finder] is marked with the property Rootfinder, in order to the crawl use it in full indexing.

The full crawl works, but the incremental crawl, that should execute the ReadChangedList is not called, instead the the ReadList is called again and a full indexing is performed.

I haven't found a working example for this scenario.


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Have you found a solution? I'm the same problem... Thanks! – user11353 Oct 15 '12 at 14:48

You will only be able to use the ChangedIdEnumerator and DeletedIdEnumerator with a DotNetAssembly. From personal experience (and exasperation), they do not seem to allow the SpecificFinder and StreamAccessor to be invoked with a Custom assembly.

I have implemented a couple of <IdEnumerator, ChangedIdEnumerator, DeletedIdEnumerator, SpecificFinder, StreamAccessor> assemblies and the Changed/Deleted collections do not result in calls to the SpecificFinder in Custom assemblies.

Microsoft has been mute on this point. I do hope this helps.

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