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If I have a certain number of webs within my site collection, and those web have set some property, eg. web.Properties["foo"] = "bar". I'd like to get list of all the webs which have property foo set to bar. How can I do that?

One way is to iterate through all webs, but that doesn't seem efficient. What other possibilities do I have?

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If you have control of the property setting code of the web, you could have a quasi "index" in the RootWeb, which contains a csv or a list of webs with property values.

Then, to find webs with specific properties, all you need to do is query a property from the RootWeb (which is a property from the SPSite so you don't need to do a search).

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looks interesting. How about SPPropetyBag limits? I estimate that there will be few thousand of webs. – jjczopek Jul 31 '12 at 8:10
That's a lot of webs. Maybe storing the "index" in the property bag is not the best solution. You could store this index in a sharepoint list perhaps? – Russell Aug 1 '12 at 0:50

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