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This may be a no brainier to some, but i'm stumped and can't get a straight answer as to what the netBIOS name of a web application would be. Is it the same as my host header i created for the web application?

The reason i ask is because when i setup my SPN's for Kerberos I used the FQDN instead of the NETBIOS names and i'm trying to wrap my head around what would be correct.


In the entry below: would the netBIOS name be "intranet"

for Central Admin:

http://servername:55555- would the netBIOS name be "ServerName"

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Yes, technically the NetBIOS name (really, hostname) would be "intranet" and "servername" as you've pointed out. You don't have to have a NetBIOS name, if you only use FQDNs.

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Much appreciated Trevor, that confirms my hunch. Cheers! – Jacob A Jul 31 '12 at 12:47

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