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I have one list with different musical Genres, this list is linked as a lookup to the lists Bands and Records. When I register a new band I set the typical genres played by this band and when registering a new record I register band and genres.

Is there any recommended technique to automatically (and dynamically) read the genres from the Band item and fill the genres list when creating a new record?

I was thinking to create some integration web service that can read genres from bands returning a json and fill the genres list with the help of a javascript. I have the "onchange" functionality in place.

New Band

New Band

New record

New record

Thanks for any help.

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If you are within a standard list form by default there is none. However a combination of jQuery, CEWP web parts could help you reach your goal.

See here for an example and here

Do not forget there is always the Listdata.svc that could easily be used from within jQUery and CSOM which could enable easy CAML Query filtering of related items, see here

There is always Marc's jQuery library for Web Services, for more advanced tricks

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