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I have a userID/userName, and I want to know if that user is currently loggedon to the SharePoint site.

The SPUser object does not seem to have any of these properties. I looked at Membership.GetUser("username").IsOnline, but that threw an "Access Denied" error.

Is there any way to achieve this?

Many Thanks!

UPDATE: I even tried to run with ElevatedPrivelges. The error is that current user does not has access to /APP_DATA folder.

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The disassembly for the IsOnline property looks like this:

return this.LastActivityDate.ToUniversalTime() > DateTime.UtcNow.Subtract(new TimeSpan(0, SystemWebProxy.Membership.UserIsOnlineTimeWindow, 0));

Is it possible you could use the same methodology?

Not like this is an actual real time tracker or anything ...

The other option would be to provision a delegate control and use JavaScript object model to push user actions into a list. You could probably just overload the SearchBoxEX control to add tracking. Seems like a waste to me though.

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