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I am a developer/administrator trying to learn SharePoint Server 2010 search. I was toying around with managed properties and refiners for the search center, and I stumbled upon this issue.

I'll create a list "customList" with, among other list metadata, a property I want to refine on "customProperty". I'll create a number of list items and set it up so a simple text search should pull up a refine-able resultset. My incremental crawl will run, and I will have a crawled property "ows_customProperty". If I drill down into this in Central Admin, it will display a number of my list items under the "Content using this property". So far so good it seems.

Next, I create a managed property "managedCustomProperty" and map it to "ows_customProperty". After I perform this mapping and before I am able to do any refining, all demos and documentation say that a full crawl is required. So I fire up the full crawl and let that run.

After the full crawl, "ows_customProperty" says "There are zero documents in the index using this property." Incremental searches no longer discover this metadata either. As soon as I run the full crawl, the crawled property is useless. I've gone through the rest of the refiner work, setting up the XML in the refiner webpart to pull in the managed property, but since the mapped crawled property no longer associates with anything in the index, the refiner configuration is a moot point and the refiner displays nothing.

Has anyone run into an issue where the full crawl wipes a crawled property, or where a crawled property seemingly "disassociates" itself with the metadata field that spawned it? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!


After a few full crawls, the "Content using this property" now contains items from lists that do not have the metadata property I created at all. I'm really confused as to how this would be possible.

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In you crawl log in your Search application (You need to filter by URL), can you see any errors for your crawl? – Ybbest Jul 24 '12 at 22:15
Thanks for responding! I have no crawl errors at all. I have several warnings, but they are for unrelated subsites under my collection. I know that's really no help, but that's what I get. Mysterious... – NicoT Jul 25 '12 at 12:16
Do you have two scopes pointing to the same site? if so, thats the problem, as you can only have the one. – user9757 Jul 30 '12 at 20:36

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