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I have successfully created a new Sharepoint Server Search service, however the Server Search Application that previously existed was giving an error that I couldn't seem to resolve.

As a last resort, I'd deleted the Crawler SQL database backend and thought I could maybe re-create this, failing that restore the backup I had just taken.

No such luck however.

So now I'm stuck without being able to get the Search Administration stuck trying to load the Search Application topology (seems stuck) and a crawl status of not able to connect to the administration compomnent.

Can I remove the Search aspect of Sharepoint, and entirely re-create this, perhaps with the install disks ?

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Ahh well, I trawled the web for several hours, tried many suggestions from blogs, but then found the answer (Powershell rules !!!).

1. You will find my solution if you reference the following URL and carry out their advice:-


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in microsoft website you should mark their post as an answer not yours lol – Esteban V Apr 23 '13 at 12:43

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