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Using SP2010 I would like to define a search scope where documents are located in two locations. The results should only include two specific file types. What I want is

(Folder = "a" OR Folder = "b") AND (FileExtension = "c" OR FileExtension = "d")

Can I do this only with the Include and Require rules?

To be more precise: what I am currently trying is 4 rules: 1. Include FileExtension = "c" 2. Include FileExtension = "d" 3. Require Folder = "a" 4. Require Folder = "b" -> fails, because a file cannot be in two folders at the same time. In other words, what SharePoint does is (c OR d) AND a AND b.

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Yes you can do this with the KeyWordQuery Syntax:

Have a look at the follwing links for more details:

So your query should be something like:

(folder:a OR folder:b) AND (filetype:c OR filetype:d)

I am not sure about the exact name of the "folder" property. You will have to look it up in the managed properties for search.

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I am not building a query. I would like to define a search scope, i.e. the set of potential query results. – Marc Jul 19 '12 at 14:00

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