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This is what I have tried so far:

            string newPageXml = String.Format(@"<Batch OnError='Continue'>
                                    <Method ID='1' Cmd='New'>
                                        <Field Name='ID'>New</Field>
                                        <Field Name='ContentType'>MNC Site Page</Field>
                                        <Field Name='Title'>{0}</Field>
                                        <Field Name='BaseName'>{0}</Field>
                                        <Field Name='PublishingPageContent'>{1}</Field>
                                </Batch>", "Friday Memo for " + nextFriday.ToShortDateString(), newPageContent);

            xd = new XmlDocument();
            newItem = xd.DocumentElement;
            createdItem = ceoList.UpdateListItems("Pages", newItem);

This code create an item in my list, but the item uses the default content type instead of the one I have specified in my XML. Is there a way to do what I am trying above?

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I see this is a bit of an old question, but it is unanswered so I'll try to offer a possible solution...

You can try to add ContentTypeId field together with ContentType. Does it work now?

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