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I have the images like so in one picture lib. Is there a way i can apply mouseover to these images e.g Originla images is : gin.jpg and rollover is ginHover.jpg without needing to create another pic lib

<div id="foo2">
<img width="130" height="130" alt="Virgin" src="/sites/gin.jpg">
<img width="130" height="130" alt="Optus" src="/sites/Op.jpg">
<img width="130" height="130" alt="Telstra" src="/sites/stra.jpg">
<img width="130" height="130" alt="OptusHover" src="/sites/OpHover.jpg">
<img width="130" height="130" alt="TelstraHover" src="/sites/straHover.jpg">
<img width="130" height="130" alt="VirginHover" src="/sites/ginHover.jpg">

THanks in Advance

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You can use a css sprite and upload a single image in the document library corresponding to the rollover.

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