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We do have many client specific tools (i.e. Httpwatch, Wfetch...) to track the Http Protocol however I want to track http protocol (headers) on the server end.

I mean to say that, How server communicates with the client on its http request

Please let me know if we have any tool to do this on the server end.

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Use something like WinDump, or an other protocol analyser, and then look at the many tcp dump tutorials.

Another good tool is WireShark.

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Could always look at the IIS logs. If not, what sort of detail are you after?

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You can always use Netmon (Network monitor) to track all kinds of network traffic.

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IIS Log is the best option to start with. This will give you all the details that you need. Do configure it first to show the http protocol. It's a tick box in the properties window for the IIS log settings.

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