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I need to add a new page in a new doc library. That works fine. In the page I need to add a webpart to filter list data from a view bases on 3 columns from the view.

The following code is not throwing any exception but its not either filtering the data. There are 3 items in the list

// Uncomment the method below to handle the event raised after a feature has been activated.
        public override void FeatureActivated(SPFeatureReceiverProperties properties)
            string pageUrl=AddSponsoringEventsDashboardPage(properties.Feature.Parent as SPWeb);
            AddNavigationLink(properties.Feature.Parent as SPWeb, pageUrl);

        private void AddNavigationLink(SPWeb currentUnsafeWeb, string url)
            bool allowUnsafeUpdatesSetting = false;

                // Cleanup all  quick links
                allowUnsafeUpdatesSetting = currentUnsafeWeb.AllowUnsafeUpdates;
                currentUnsafeWeb.AllowUnsafeUpdates = true;

                SPNavigationNodeCollection quickLaunchNodes = currentUnsafeWeb.Navigation.QuickLaunch;

                foreach (SPNavigationNode node in quickLaunchNodes)
                    if (string.Compare(node.Title, "Lists") == 0)
                        SPNavigationNode dataNode = new SPNavigationNode("$Resources:SPNLSponsoring,Navigation_SponsoringEventsDashboard_Title", url, true);
                currentUnsafeWeb.AllowUnsafeUpdates = allowUnsafeUpdatesSetting;


        private string AddSponsoringEventsDashboardPage(SPWeb currentWeb)
            Logger.LogDebug("NLSponsoringSiteConfigSponsoringCentralEventReceiver", "AddSponsoringEventsDashboardPage(SPWeb currentWeb)", "BEGIN");

            SPListTemplateType tempType = SPListTemplateType.DocumentLibrary;
            Guid guid = currentWeb.Lists.Add("$Resources:SPNLSponsoring,SponsoringDashboardDocumentLibrary_Title",
                "$Resources:SPNLSponsoring,SponsoringDashboardDocumentLibrary_Description", tempType);

            SPList docLibrary = currentWeb.Lists[guid];

            SPLimitedWebPartManager mgrPageManager = null;
            SPFile pageDashboard = null;
            string strurl;
                pageDashboard = docLibrary.RootFolder.Files.Add(String.Format("{0}/{1}", docLibrary.RootFolder.ServerRelativeUrl, "sponsoringeventdashboard.aspx"), SPTemplateFileType.StandardPage);

                #region Add Filter webpart
                SimpleFormWebPart sfwp = new SimpleFormWebPart();
                sfwp.Title = "Filter";
                sfwp.Content = "<div onkeydown=\"javascript:if (event.keyCode == 13) _SFSUBMIT_\"><input type=\"text\" name=\"T1\"/>" +
                                "<input type=\"button\" value=\"Go\" onclick=\"javascript:_SFSUBMIT_\"/></div>";
                string idWebPartFilter = pageDashboard.AddWebPartToPage(sfwp, Constants.WEBPART_ZONE_HEADER, 1, PartChromeType.Default);

                #region Add new view
                SPList list = currentWeb.Lists[SponsoringCommon.Constants.LISTNAMES_SPONSORINGEVENTSNAME];
                SPView oView = list.Views[SponsoringCommon.Constants.VIEWS_SPONSORINGEVENTS_DEFAULTLIST].Clone(SponsoringCommon.Constants.VIEWS_SPONSORINGEVENTS_DASHBOARD_NAME, 20, true, false);

                oView.Query = "<Where>" +
                                 "<Or>" +
                                  " <Or>" +
                                   "  <Contains>" +
                                   "    <FieldRef Name=\"EventNumber\"/>" +
                                   "    <Value Type=\"Text\">{ParamEventNumber}</Value>" +
                                    " </Contains>" +
                                    " <Contains>" +
                                    "   <FieldRef Name=\"EventName\"/>" +
                                    "   <Value Type=\"Text\">{ParamEventName}</Value>" +
                                    " </Contains>" +
                                   "</Or>" +
                                   "<Contains>" +
                                     "<FieldRef Name=\"EventLocation\"/>" +
                                     "<Value Type=\"Text\">{ParamEventLocation}</Value>" +
                                   "</Contains>" +
                                 "</Or>" +
                              " </Where>";


                #region Add XSLT List View WebPart
                string idWebPartSponsoringEvents = "ID_SponsoringEvents";
                    SponsoringCommon.Constants.LISTNAMES_SPONSORINGEVENTS, idWebPartSponsoringEvents,
                    string.Empty, Constants.WEBPART_ZONE_HEADER, 2,
                    SponsoringCommon.Constants.VIEWS_SPONSORINGEVENTS_DASHBOARD_NAME, PartChromeType.Default, false);

                mgrPageManager = pageDashboard.GetLimitedWebPartManager(PersonalizationScope.Shared);
                XsltListViewWebPart lvwpOrganisation = mgrPageManager.WebParts[idWebPartSponsoringEvents] as XsltListViewWebPart;
                lvwpOrganisation.ParameterBindings += "<ParameterBinding Name=\"ParamEventNumber\" Location=\"None\" DefaultValue=\"\" />" +
                                                    "<ParameterBinding Name=\"ParamEventName\" Location=\"None\" DefaultValue=\"\" />" +
                                                    "<ParameterBinding Name=\"ParamEventLocation\" Location=\"None\" DefaultValue=\"\" />";


                #region Add Connection
                string[] colConsumerFields = { "EventNumber", "EventName", "EventLocation" };
                string[] colProviderFields = { "T1", "T1", "T1" };

                // connect filter to organisation-webpart

                strurl = pageDashboard.Url;
            catch (Exception)
                if (pageDashboard != null) pageDashboard.UndoCheckOut();

            Logger.LogDebug("NLSponsoringSiteConfigSponsoringCentralEventReceiver", "AddSponsoringEventsDashboardPage(SPWeb currentUnsafeWeb)", "WebParts added. Start configuring connections.");

            return strurl;

enter image description here

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I reckon you could do this with no code using Sharepoint Designer e.g using webpart connections. Cheers

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no, we dont use spd – Esteban V Jul 13 '12 at 8:28
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problem was ParameterBinding

I was not using the same name., it has to match.

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might be best to show the lines which caused the issue and then the lines once they are fixed... – Mauro Jul 13 '12 at 9:42

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