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I´m new in Sharepoint and I wonder if anyone of you could recomend me a hosting for WSS 3.0 ...


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Rackspace ( and fpweb ( are both known for their SharePoint hosting and help support the overall SharePoint community.

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Have you tried they are part of a larger SharePoint Initiative so have some experts on hand should you need them.

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I second what Mike says.

I have used fpweb for a few clients. Despite a few hiccups in their early days, my personal opinion now is that they do a great job and are responsive if you need to contact support.

Have used Rackspace for non-SharePoint projects and I can say that they are also excellent and responsive.

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I completely agree with Mike to go with Rackspace or FPWeb for Sharepoint hosting with one condition: you have a big budget to run your SP site. If budget it your constraints, you can consider cheaper and reliable alternative, such as ASPHostCentral (see or if you are looking for WSS 3.0 hosting, you can check

Hope this helps :-)

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