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Possible Duplicate:
An introduction to SharePoint 2010

Could you recommend me tutorials, books or websites on Sharepoint 2010 for a beginner level? I am an intern and my mission is collaborative site support, I'd like to start with that, and then broaden my knowledge in time. Thank you in advance.

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this is related :… (not exact duplicate thought) – Steve B Jul 11 '12 at 8:41

You can use PluralSight too. This is a great site but you must pay for it.

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I personally started at It does require a paid subscription I think its well worth it. You can also check out the technet pages and the technet forums. Thats where I started :)

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Check out the Wrox book range, they have some pretty good books on the subject. And for beginners, it's a good thing to find out what you want to begin with. Knowing all SharePoint components by heart requires a lot of studying.

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