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I want to know how i can find names of the metadata services available on the particular site, and if those services are available.

Also how can i access the TermSets of the metadata services using Client Object Model of SharePoint 2010 in C#?

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Afaik most service applications are not available through the client object model, or in a limited way. But you could always create a webservice yourself and call that in your client side code. The server side model for the term store is pretty well documented. – Jasper Jul 10 '12 at 12:36

If you just want to check if the Managed Metadata Service is available and have access to the server, the easiest way is to use PowerShell:

Get-SPServiceApplication | ? { $_.TypeName -eq "Managed Metadata Service"}

If you want to see if the service is online check the Status property in the output of this cmdlet

Get-SPServiceApplicationProxy | ? { $_.TypeName -eq "Managed Metadata Service Connection"}  | fl *

Regarding your question on Taxonomies and Client Object Model, check out this question asked earlier Is there any way to access a managed meta data service using only javascript in SharePoint 2010?

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