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Completley new to sp and trying to create a timer job that uses a value stored in a persisted object. I found some examples but for some reason when my job runs the persisted object is always null. My code is below

code to retrieve the object

 ContentDataBaseIncrementorJobSettings Settings = WebApplication.GetChild<ContentDataBaseIncrementorJobSettings>(ContentDataBaseIncrementorJobSettings.SettingsName);

 if (Settings == null) {

code in the feature activated event

        ContentDataBaseIncrementorJobSettings ContentDataBaseIncrementorJobSettings =

        //only create a new settings object if there isnt one.
        if (ContentDataBaseIncrementorJobSettings == null) {
            ContentDataBaseIncrementorJobSettings = new ContentDataBaseIncrementorJobSettings(WebApplication, Guid.NewGuid());
            ContentDataBaseIncrementorJobSettings.CurrentIncrement = 10;

my persisted object definition

   public class ContentDataBaseIncrementorJobSettings : SPPersistedObject {
            public static string SettingsName = "ContentDatabaseIncrementorTimerJobSettings";

            public ContentDataBaseIncrementorJobSettings() : base() { }
            public ContentDataBaseIncrementorJobSettings(SPPersistedObject parent, Guid id) : base(SettingsName, parent, id) { }

            public int CurrentIncrement;
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As per MSDN thread "To return an existing persisted object, use the GetObject method of the SPFarm class, or the GetChild method of the SPPersistedObject class". Try using WebApplication.SPFarm.GetObject()

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