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How do you add users in Sharepoint Online without importing from AD? I've seen a few places mention you can do it but when I create and save a user it complains it doesn't match a name.

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Regularly it should be 2 different types of "users" - those coming from AD (primary) and external users - for those that do not have/require a license. For the externals you would basically send out invitations they would accept and get access to the SharePoint site.

[Update #1 ] This link actually explains the concepts

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So there's no way of creating content editors without AD other than the user I set up during account creation? – Ben Jul 5 '12 at 9:42
no, actually external users can collaborate once they got their invitation. of course prior to being able to invite someone you would need to activate the feature to allow external users, they respond and associate their email with a Microsoft account after which you can assign permissions. see more here… – Marius Constantinescu - MVP Jul 7 '12 at 1:35
Hmmm... I'd tried that but it wouldn't seem to let me in without a MS Live login. Will give it another go, maybe I missed a step. Thanks. – Ben Jul 9 '12 at 9:27
@C.Marius the link you provided seems dead. – Default Aug 10 '12 at 7:38
I did a new search and got this link:… (?CTT=1 was added to the link) – Default Aug 10 '12 at 7:39

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