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I've build my own approval workflow. My workflow is finished, but the state of the workflow (state in library) is "finished". When I finish the standard SharePoint approval workflow the state is "approved".

How can I set the state of the workflow to "approved"?

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By using the SharePoint object model, you can add your own workflow status that appears in the workflow association column. Each workflow status value corresponds to an integer that represents its place in a zero-based ordered list of column values. The first 15 values in the Microsoft.SharePoint.Workflow.SPWorkflowStatus enumeration are reserved by Windows SharePoint Services for internal use.

To add a custom status value, define a new StatusColumn element under ExtendedStatusColumnValues in Workflow.xml. The first status column value you specify is assigned the integer value of 15; the second status value, 16; and so on.

You can see more details here.

if you would like to extend the workflow statuses enumeration you can try to use this approach.

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