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I want to backup my SharePoint 2007 Lists. Now I am not sure, if there is any possibility of doing it in C# code or If I will have to perform few actions like following some steps and make it do using GUI.

I looked at Google and find out that I can export it to excel or Access but how can I do it pro grammatically + it will be synchronized as well.

I find this Script as well that tells how to export a list to excel using C# but how it will keep sychronized, most likely I will have to use it once to get all the items and then create a event receiver that will repeat this step for the added item,

Export to excel c#

Not sure if it gonna be the best practice tho, or any alternative.


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From your question I am making this assumption that you are only looking to backup lists along with content and not the entire site. Additionally you want all your lists within a site or subsite to be backed up at one go.

Please refer to a similar discussion over here that address your problem :- What's the best way to move a list from one site to another?

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thanks for your answer but I dont think if that answer was any helpful to me, however I added my answer to his problem :) Cheers – Muhammad Raja Jul 3 '12 at 14:43
We didn't required to backup lists I miss understood requirements, so I accepted yur answer right – Muhammad Raja Jul 3 '12 at 15:23

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