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I have the following javascript:


And I'm wondering if there is a Server Side Object Model equivalent to this that I could use in Page Load?

The javascript is on an ascx that is being displayed when users click on an custom button that has been added to the ribbon.

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Umm, they are only selecting things on the client side so no, there isn't anything on the server side.

They way i've handled what I think you are trying to accomplish is to pass the values through a querystring. See code below:

function myAction(){
    var items = SP.ListOperation.Selection.getSelectedItems();
    var listId = SP.ListOperation.Selection.getSelectedList();
    var itemCount = CountDictionary(items);

    if (itemCount == 0)

    var ids = "";
    for (var i = 0; i < itemCount; i++) {
        ids += items[i].id + ";";

    var uri = "_layouts/CustomApp.aspx";
    var queryParams = "?listId=" + listId + "&itemIds=" + ids;
    var relativeUrl = L_Menu_BaseUrl;

    var options = {};
    options.url = appendTrailingSlash(relativeUrl) + uri + queryParams;
    options.title = 'Custom App';
    options.autoSize = true;
    options.showClose = true;
    options.allowMaximize = true;
    options.dialogReturnValueCallback = onFinish;


function appendTrailingSlash(url) {
    if (url.length > 0 && url.charAt(url.length - 1) == '/')
        return url;
        return url + '/';
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