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I am working with SharePoint 2010 features. I am writing feature receiver code where I create new web part pages with ReportViewerWebPart and my custom web part on the page. I am creating multiple web part pages on feature activation. All the pages are created OK. But first time when I open such page I get the following error.

"Cannot unregister UpdatePanel with ID 'ViewerAreaUpdatePanel' since it was not registered with the ScriptManager. This might occur if the UpdatePanel was removed from the control tree and later added again, which is not supported. Parameter name: updatePanel"

On refreshing the page this error fades and page loads but showing "1 item remaining" on status bar.

I would like to specify that I am creating SPConext before initialization of ReportViewerWebPart and after adding the reportviewer to page I reset the HttpContext.Current to its original value. without this ReportViewerWebPart can not be added dynamically. If this has something to do with the problem?

I am not using any update panels in my custom web part. Could you please help me getting rid of this problem.

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Have you checked this? – PeteEngineer Jul 12 '12 at 6:23
I have run in to this exact problem. Did you ever figure this out? – Kazetsukai Mar 21 '13 at 19:47

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