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We tried to use DateTime.MaxValue to set empty value for DateTimeField and it works quite nice on our test environment, but we get following exception on some production farms.

Exception: Ticks must be between DateTime.MinValue.Ticks and DateTime.MaxValue.Ticks. Parameter name: ticks, Stack Trace: at System.DateTime..ctor(Int64 ticks) at Microsoft.SharePoint.SPTimeZone.ConvertToUTC(DateTime date, UInt16 tzid) at Microsoft.SharePoint.WebControls.DateTimeField.set_Value(Object value)

Can anyone suggest how we can workaround this?

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try handling it with IsDateEmpty property, while saving it. for e.g.

if (!yourDatecontrol.IsDateEmpty)
    item["Date"] = yourDatecontrol.SelectedDate;
    item["Date"] = null;

Call ClearSelection method for empty value.

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