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I am building a Sharepoint 2010 weblog where each post can have multiple categories.

I would like to know how to filter the ones that contain two or more categories at the same time! E.g. if there are categories like "data", "online", "marketing", "sales"... etc and I would like to only see the posts where the "data" AND "online" categories are both present, what should I do? (to filter on one category is OK...) The filter should be available and easily usable for the regular users with contributor rights and should show the posts as they are in the usual blog layout.

I tried the choice filter - but 1) I cannot get it get the possible values from the categories, only ading them manually - while users can add more categories, so this is not good 2) filter results are not OK when I mark more than one category

I also tried the Sharepoint list filter, but this one does not display the separate list of categories one by one, but the combinations in which the users assigned them to the posts, so it's not a good solution either.

I also tried the text filter - but apart from the fact that typos could prevent it from functioning well, it only filters the first entry, gives no results to multiple categories.

I suppose this is not a very extraordinary demand from a category that can handle multiple variables, to be filterable, so excuse my being lame. Could you please help me? Thank you very much in advance!!!

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Today I tried two and then three choice filters on the same page with the same settings. In some cases two worked but not always, three just didn't work at all. Any ideas...? – Anonymous Jul 13 '10 at 8:15
I thought it was an easy question. Either it is very complicated, or I could not put it in a clear enough way, or it can not be done, or nobody has any experience with moss2010 weblogs here, or nobody reads this, or nobody is helpful enough to answer or... else. :) I give up. Any ideas about this question, anyone? Please?...!?!? :) – Anonymous Jul 15 '10 at 14:04