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We're running SharePoint Foundation 2010. I have a Quick Launch list, and I'm constantly going in to re-order it manually as I delete and add itms to keep it relevant. Is there a way to set this up so that new entries automatically alphabetize as items are added and deleted from the list? Thanks.

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Nothing out of the box. You could possibly do this through jQuery though or some type of timer job that will detect navigation changes and reorder them for you. I don't think there is an event to key on so it would probably be a polling type thing. Best performance would be to create a SPChangeQuery to determine if there were any navigation changes.

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You can only manually (NO OOTB) change the order in which headings or links appear on the Quick Launch, or else you can use some jQuery customizations to do such thing:

  • Site actions -> Site settings.

  • In the Look and Feel column, click Quick launch.

  • Click Change Order.

  • Click the options in the lists to change the order in which the headings and links are displayed. Click OK

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If publishing feature is enabled or you have this option available OOTB but Publishing Feature is not available in Foundation See:… – Falak Mahmood Jun 25 '12 at 18:40

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