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Our site collection is growing rapidly and we would like to split it into a number of new collections.

Our concern is that when we secure a number of sites and recover them into the new collection, all workflows are lost.

ARe there any ways of splitting the collection which will preserve/migrate the workflows without us having to recreate them all - there are over 400 workflows in total over about 160 sites in the collection. The collection is about 60GB in size and we would like to end up with 5 collections each of which would need to have workflows migrated to it.



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Yikes.. thinking out loud.. Aren't workflows tied to the specific sub-site and not the site collection? However, I found this question/answer which doesn't make it look good. – Kit Menke Jun 25 '12 at 16:34

You can migrate SharePoint Designer workflows from one site collection to another using the CodePlex SharePoint Workflow Migrator.

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