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I'm using SP Foundation 2010, with severly limited development permissions. I'm operating as a site Owner in a user area, so access to Designer, Visual Studio, etc. is limited and I'm looking for solutions that can be accomplished with those constraints in mind.

We have a document library of about 2000 documents used by our help desk. About 95% of these documents are html and the remaining are PDFs, Word, Excel or PowerPoint.

When users select these documents from the list, I want the HTML to open in the browser, but all other documents to open in Acrobat, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. The only parameter I can find is in Doc Library > adv settings, where I can choose to open docs in the browser or not. with that box, I can get them to open in the browser window or get prompted to download the file to the local desktop...which I defintely want to avoid. Hovever I can't seem to apply this to rule differently to documents in the same library.

Suggestions on how to do this? Is there some way i can drive that with document metadata, or do I need to put HTML in one library, and all non-HTML in another, and assign separate "open file" behaviors for each library?


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