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I have a Custom List, which have different fields, when I click on any user in field "assignedTo" it navigates me to another window and I can see user's Account, Name, email etc.

I am able to get all the items of the list and of that specific field but i dont know how can i get user's email out of it. am not sure if it's sharepoint thing or we made it custom. here's the code i made until now

using (SPSite site = new SPSite(""))
    using (SPWeb web = site.OpenWeb())
        SPList mySourceList = web.Lists["ListName"];

        SPQuery mySourceListQuery = new SPQuery();

        mySourceListQuery.Query =

            "<OrderBy><FieldRef Name='AssignedTo' />" +
                     "<FieldRef Name='Title' />" +

        SPListItemCollection mySourceItemColl = mySourceList.GetItems(mySourceListQuery);
                foreach (SPListItem mySourceListItem in mySourceItemColl)
                if (!UserDetails.ContainsKey(mySourceListItem["AssignedTo"].ToString()))
                    string name;
                    name = mySourceListItem["AssignedTo"].ToString();

                    name = name.Substring(name.IndexOf("#") + 1);

                    UserDetails.Add(name, mySourceListItem["Title"].ToString());

            foreach (SPUser user in web.Users)
                if (UserDetails.ContainsKey(user.Name))
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Try this

SPFieldUser assignedto = mySourceList.Fields["AssignedTo"] as SPFieldUser;
foreach(SPListItem ...)
        SPFieldUserValue assignedUser = assignedto.GetFieldValue(mySourceListItem["AssignedTo"].ToString());
        if(assignedUser != null)
              string name = assignedUser.User.DisplayName;
              string loginName = assignedUser.User.LoginName;
              string email = assignedUser.User.Email;

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