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This is something I have done many times before on my current VM, and even using the same Web Application, though with different site collections. The steps I am following are:

1) Create a new site collection at the root of the web app. It is the only site collection existing at the time.

2) Go to the newly created site collection settings and enable the Server Publishing Infrastructure feature.

3) Go to the site features and enable Server Publishing feature.

4) Create variation root as /

5) Create variation labels for en-GB (Source) and fr-FR

6) Click 'create hieararchies'

7) Go to Central Admin, find the scheduled job to create hierarchies and 'Run now'

The job runs and completes immediately. In the time job history section there are four new entries for create hierarchies, all have succeeded and all have a duration of 00:00:00

I checked in ULS logs and the job starts, 7 work items are processed, no errors are shown and nothing happens.

The hierarchies are not created. When I check in the variation settings nothing has changed, no hierarchies have been created. There are no variation sites at /en or /fr.

I have selected to create hierarchies and run the timer job several times to no avail. Has anybody experienced this and have any idea what is causing the job to complete without creating the hierarchies?

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I run into the same problem today. Does anyone have already a solution for that? Thanks! – user9438 Jul 12 '12 at 13:58
Same here! No idea. – thastark Jan 21 '13 at 21:51

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