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The CAML query to pull say 3 items based off of the following requirements seems pretty starightforward:

  1. Title is not null

  2. Expires(Expiry Date) is greater than or equal to Today

  3. Order Created in Ascending

  4. spQuery.RowLimit =3;

However how do I modify the Query to obtain the next three in the list preserving all my previous filters and order bys?? Thanks

enter image description here

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To achieve this, You can use ListItemCollectionPosition property. It is used together with the RowLimit property to define paging in a query.

For your reference, see the sample code available this link

I hope this will resolve your problem.

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Paging in SPQuery is implemented through the class SPListItemCollectionPosition. The SPListItemCollection returned by SPQuery.GetItems contains a ListItemCollectionPosition property which is null if no more pages and otherwise can be used assigned to the corresponding property in SPQuery before a new call to GetItems. (Sample at the link above)

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