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I would have thought SharePoint 2010 still had a built-in webpart to display a list of subsites as I could in previous versions. I'm having great trouble finding it, though.

How does one display a list of subsites below a site?

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Thanks. I ended up doing the same and using a webpart from WSS v2 and it works just fine for my needs. Thanks. –  Corbett Jul 7 '10 at 17:50

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SharePoint 2010 > Edit > Insert > Web Part > Content Rollup > Table of Contents

From here there are tons of options for appearance, sorting, levels to display.

Problem is, it shows lists, too. So if you don't want to see the lists you may have to delete them or hide them. And I've tried deleting these lists but they still appear in the TOC !!!

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It should be available under view all site content. Other than that, I've just kept a webpart that I've had since the WSS V2 and SPS 2003 days which shows the full site collection hierarchy.

Another thing I've had in our environments since SP 2007 is by default, I don't use the OOTB site map providers. I have my own that I wrote that displays the full site collection navigation by default as the top nav.

I mentioned this in my blog here: http://www.thelineberrys.com/default-category/using-features-to-enable-drop-down-menus-in-team-sites-3.html

The code posted there is really old and I don't suggest using it as is, but it gets the concept across.

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You can download a webpart for free at Sharepoint247.com that will list the subsites of the current site. Download Sharepoint Subsites Webpart


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Sounds like you got this fixed, but you can also use the web service to grab all of the subsites (this will come back permission trimmed to only those sites the user has access to also).

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you can use Table Of Contents webpart

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