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I've received several requests from my user-base, whether it was possible to publish an Outlook calendar to SharePoint, based on an existing Outlook calendar.


A team has a shared (not on SharePoint) calendar in Outlook, and they wish to retain the content of that calendar, and "push" it to SharePoint, so that others may Sync with the calendar from SharePoint, and the team also has the calendar available on SharePoint.

What is already known

We know that we can Connect a calendar from SharePoint to Outlook. That is not what we need. We need to other direction!

I found the following URL where a reply said that this was not possible. But the post is from 2009, and I am hoping that it is wrong :-)

Is it possible? and if not, what are my options from there..

Thanks in advance!

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It is possible, I tested this a couple of weeks ago following this blog post. (There are some third party tools out there too, that are a lot better for doing this.)

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It'd be really good if you referenced the third-party tools. I realize I can copy the content over, but that's not what I am after. I guess the actual problem is "where the calendar is hosted", on exchange or on SharePoint. – CodeMonkey Jul 23 '12 at 22:38
I've seen this before - not sure if its what you want but looks close (no relationship to company) - – Ryan Apr 8 '13 at 10:57
This is a great reason why links to other sites should not be a valid answer... – abrosis Jun 29 at 10:47
@abrosis I agree hehe :) – Anders Aune Jun 29 at 11:06

You can create a calendar in SharePoint and apply an e-mail adress to the list of the calendar. You can send your meeting requests to the calendar list email adress (as attendee). For each meeting, an item is created, which is displayed on the calendar.

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To build upon Chris's suggestion, you could create the calendar in SharePoint and configure an email address to receive meeting requests. In your existing shared Outlook calendar, create a rule that automatically forwards meeting requests to the SharePoint email address.


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You can export your outlook calendar to Excel, then import the Excel into a SharePoint list, or copy and paste into existing calendar columns via datasheet view.

I'm not sure how to handle recurrence though. Any ideas?

Also, I realize this doesn't answer your question due to lack of synchronization, but it might help someone who just needs to move an Outlook calendar to SharePoint.

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