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I need know old id of item in recycle bin or is there any way how to save its id in this item before deleting. When item is deleted, a new SPRecycleBinItem is created in Recycle Bin. And the only saved information about old item is DirName. But I need know more information.


I have solved this issue. There is such property as LeafName in SPRecycleBinItem, which is the same as earlier Id in SPListItem for files (not for folders). If SPListItem was a file, then its LeafName would be "id" + "_.000" after deleting; If SPListItem was a folder, then its LeafName would be earlier Name of SPListItem.

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The SPRecycleBinItem has the unique GUID which is the same before and after deletion. Therefore, you can retrieve it using the code below:

SPRecycleBinItemCollection itemColl = web.GetRecycleBinItems(q);
foreach (SPRecycleBinItem item in itemColl)
    Guid[] id = new Guid[1];
    id[0] = item.ID; //Gets the GUID of the item.

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Yes, I know about GUID, but i need retrieve an old id of item, that located earlier in a list. –  andDaviD Jun 18 '12 at 9:35
it it really existing in the Recyle bin any more? –  Falak Mahmood Jun 18 '12 at 19:35
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See my correction in my question.

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